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Great news! Apply for a secured credit card and you are on the way to building your credit history. A secured card can help you get other types of credit and is a great stepping stone to new financial opportunities.

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Having a Bad Credit
If you have bad credit, then you're not the only one. Even if you have have "good" credit, but you'd like to achieve "excellent" credit, then this guide is for you. Achieving great credit is not just a one-time fix.Learning about how credit works, understand which factors affect your credit score, and how to responsibly use credit.

Reason why It's Important To Have Good Credit Score
Living with bad credit in today's world can make life extra difficult. You'll be stuck paying higher interest rates, which can cost you a lot of money over time. You'll have trouble buying a house or renting an apartment. Even applying to rent an apartment with bad credit means you might be stuck paying an increased amount of rent or a higher security deposit! Having a low credit score can increase your auto insurance premiums, raise your credit card interest rates, or result in being denied for a mortgage loan.

Perhaps  you have a dream of starting up your own business one day, or maybe the assurance of knowing that when tough times come, you can borrow money if you need to. Don't wait until an emergency to repair your credit. Instead, start the process of fixing your credit today.

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